A Marriage Made in Antiquity

We see rose (sometimes referred to as pink) gold everywhere today. And for good reason. Rose gold is distinctive, easy on the eyes, and when it's applied to women's jewelry, it adds another layer of ultra-femininity to the piece. Attractive men's and women's watches now are finding the allure of rose gold makes these pieces a stylish and stand-out fave.

Perfect Bridal Choice 
The soft rosy metal is so attractive, it's become the preferred choice for many modern lady's bridal rings. The blushing metal being so romantic is a perfect fit for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Gold That Early Designers Loved

Because rose gold is so up-to-the-moment, we assume it's a very new metal type. You may be surprised to learn that this elegant gold tone is actually antique in origin. The warm tones to rose gold are earned by alloying copper in with the gold to achieve its desirable pinkish tint. Back in the 19th century, royal jeweler Carl Faberge (of Russian bejeweled Easter egg fame) first used this lustrous gold for his regal creations. Originally dubbed Russian Gold, the metal later went on to be widely called Rose Gold.

Move forward to the 1920s and you'll observe that the house of Cartier found ample use for rose gold in their taste-making designs during the Roaring 20s most often in their high-jewelry creations.

Modern Choice--Antique History
Today once again, modern jewelry fans are embracing this cherished metal for bridal jewels and all sorts of exquisite jewelry. When set into colored gemstone pieces, designers often carry the blushing tones forward by placing warm and feminine gemstones like Morganite, Kunzite, rose quartz, pink diamonds and sapphires, and similarly hued stones with rose gold.

Rose gold couldn't be a more updated metal choice--yet it owes its provenance to some stellar jewelers in antiquity. The gorgeous antique rose gold and diamond ring shown here is available at Knox Diamonds & Jewelry -- the jewelers who always keep one step ahead of the competition by delivering the most sought after diamonds and jewelry that one could dream of.

Ring shown; OVNT84536 Antique 14K rose gold engagement ring; Courtesy Knox Diamonds & Jewelry


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