Convertible Weather!

Ah Spring! We want options now, don't we? Let's put the top down on that convertible and feel the breeze through our hair. Convertibles are the way to go in more ways than just with cars however.


Have you heard of the phrase convertible jewelry? It's not a new concept. Actually it has roots in regal jewelry going back centuries ago. Many royal tiaras for instance, were constructed to come apart and transform into elaborate brooches, bracelets and necklaces, thus extending utility when wearing crowns and tiaras were not appropriate.  When you think of how precious and rare many royal jewels are, it only makes sense that they could be worn in more ways than one.

Nowadays, couture designers create convertible jewelry for modern collectors. She may not have an occasion for tiaras, but she'll adore the flexibility that a convertible piece of jewelry brings.

These beautifully crafted pieces become a stylish woman's focal point, and can become her signature statement being worn in different ways---time and again.

Chic designer Alex Soldier understands what today's jewelry collector wants and brings a very updated vibe to their elegant convertible earrings in their Gold Coronaria Convertible Earrings with champagne diamonds. They come apart to be worn with both petals dangling, or just one, whatever mood you happen to be in.

The casually elegant earrings hypnotize with their charming floral design and fresh yellow hues. Its motif pays homage to the anemone coronaria, a dazzling poppy that delights with a complex petal arrangement. However you wear them, these convertible earrings will strike the right chord to welcome spring!

Gold Coronaria Convertible Earrings; Courtesy Alex Soldier


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