The Complexity of Beauty

Designers are forever contemplating how to make that next piece that resonates with their audience.

After all, a memorable piece of jewelry has a lot going on, yet still has to be in balance.

The gemstones must tell a story. They can be rare, or sizable to make one take notice, or display an evocative color that begs to be collected.

Trouble is, designers are always chasing the next great design and their last great work becomes a tough act to follow.

Just The Right Balance
Here is a piece that has all the right components completely in balance. It's an updated ring with tremendous appeal for stylish collectors and for gemstone connoisseurs. The diamonds are perfect attendants for the central focal point--a blush-tinted mother of pearl holding a bezel set oval rubellite center.

A Collector's Stone
Speaking of rubellite, did you know it's considered rare and often can be more costly than ruby? The mineral composition and striking coloration make them the stuff of the cognoscenti. Rubellite displaying the coveted raspberry tones are highly sought after--like the elegant tint shown in this ring.

The ring up top is the work of imaginative jeweler Yael Designs, known for creating oppulent works of jewelry art.

Shown not Said
Yael Designs brought all the elements of beauty, intrigue, and restrained glamor into one successful piece--and this explains why the ring earned 2nd Place in 2020s JCK Jewelers Choice Awards.

Somethings are better shown than said.

Rubellite, mother of pearl and diamond ring from Yael Designs


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