Watch This!

Beautiful again. That's what we'd like to say about an imaginative re-purposing of a watch out of time. Not that it can't function as a watch, mind you. It can. Or shall I say, it could.

Just Add Imagination
Jeweler Matthew Valentine has been breathing new life into outmoded ladies timepieces for over a decade now, performing his transformations at Chadwick's Jewelers on St. Simons Island, GA.

Goldsmith Valentine admired the workmanship on ladies gold timepieces that were popular in the 1950s and 60s. The precious metals and craftsmanship are still admirable, but the delicate watches have definitely gone out of vogue.

Look at Something Differently
Like any visionary, Valentine had a spark of genius one day. Why not swap the minuscule watch mechanism for some very in-vogue diamonds and gemstones?

And just like that, he gave his clients a totally new way to enjoy their beloved heirlooms. The vintage watches found a new life and utility. And he proved that sometimes, it's simply a matter of how you look at something.

That's a creative model we should all emulate!

Up-cycled gold ladies watch with a 3ct spessartine garnet, and .40ctw diamond halo 
Courtesy Matthew Valentine, Chadwick's Jewelers


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