When it comes to jewelry design--well, there's just so much of it. Trick is to tell a story that hasn't been told before--or at least not in previous ways. Sometimes it amounts to looking at something in a completely new way.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Trite axiom, but nevertheless true. 

The ring above contains 3 mysteriously shaped stones. They are naturally formed diamonds, in a shape referred to as macle. They are flat rather like a triangle shaped lozenge. How interesting! Most of us have never laid eyes on a rough diamond from the ground, let alone these hypnotic tri-corner shapes. 


Designers are forever scrambling to express their personal viewpoints in such a way as to make the most indifferent jewelry collector stop at take notice. Such is the reaction one has discovering this ring by Jennifer Dawes. She says, "Most people have never seen an uncut diamond and this one-of-a-kind ring features three natural, uncut, raw macle diamonds with fascinating triangular characteristics that form the stone."

These most unusual triangular shaped central stones in this artisanal ring are naturally formed. It's one of several crystal configurations in which diamonds are found. "If you look very closely," Dawes says, "you can see the millions of tiny triangular crystals that make up these fabulous diamonds."

Her imaginative interpretation of the diamond ring invites viewers to reconsider just what is beauty. Sometimes the very essence of a material is quite stunning enough. In those cases, we should just leave well enough alone and admire the natural elegance of it all.   


Hewn Taper Macle Diamond Ring; Jennifer Dawes Designs; $9,295.00


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