For the Love of Beryl


19-in necklace with 24 beryl beads and an 18K gold clasp.  

Beryl is that wonderous natural gemstone with a wide array of colors from which to choose.

While some gemstones are what they are (think peridot---it's always going to be green) members of the beryl family of colored stones can offer just about any color you fancy.

Beryls are often pricey stones, and they are wildly popular with true aficionados. 

What's Your Fancy?

What other gemstone varieties give you this many options to choose from? Besides colorless, black and white, you can take your pick from a range of greens and blues, or pinks to peach, and even sunny yellow stones. While rare, this stone does occasionally turn up in lipstick red, called bixbite or simply red beryl.

Nice to See Them All Together

So when a sophisticated beryl necklace turned up for auction recently, true collectors knew they were in for a treat.  This understated but very chic necklace consisting of 24 various colored beryl beads is a darling way to showcase the many colors of this stone. It totals 370 carats all told, and features pink morganite, sea blue aquamarine, near colorless goshenite, all of which are members of the same mineral family.

Here's Your Chance

Bonhams Los Angeles will offer this stunner to one very knowledgeable winning bidder at their May 2nd auction. Paddles up!


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