Colored stones are having a moment. Most of these baubles however, are fancy colored diamonds. It's easy to see why--they aren't making them any more. But wait, there's another stunner edging its pretty facets up to the auction block.

Slimmed down to Perfection
A luscious ruby unearthed a year ago as a 101 carat rough, since named Estrela de Fura has gotten the spa treatment to emerge as a scintillating 55.22 carat cushion dazzler. Its moniker meaning Star of Fura gives a nod to the Canadian company Fura Gems who discovered it.

Recent Source of Magnificent Stones
Found in Mozambique, the mammoth rock elicits fawning epithets like "outstanding clarity", "pigeon's blood" and "almost unheard of."

Pundits claim this upcoming auction should prompt African stones to vie for pride of place with Myanmar (Burmese) stones which are regarded as the ne plus ultra of the ruby world.

Paddles Up!
Current chatter estimates this largest ruby to come to auction can fetch over $30M. 

Let's see.


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