Fancy Gets Fancier

Even high jewelers need nudging once in a while to discover fresh inspiration . Known for their fancy jewels, where do they go to draw upon a fresh wind of creativity? Seems like it's as close as the jewels from an even fancier palace.

Jewels for Royalty 

French jewelry maison Boucheron received a Royal Warrant back in the day, proving they were a favored jeweler of the British Monarchy. Between the years 1921 and 1968 they supplied plenty of royal-worthy jewels to family members of the Crown. Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor was their most ardent client, with records showing he purchased more than 75 pieces of jewelry.

If the Queen Loved it .

Queen Elizabeth wore her aquamarine and diamond Boucheron clips on many public occasions indicating how fond she was of those special accessories.

Looking over their legendary output, we discover that Boucheron was enthralled by their own designs which proved to deliver a breath of fresh air for their latest collections. 

The iconic double clip brooch, a fashionable jewelry style in the early 20th century caught the eye of Boucheron's 21st century creative director, Claire Choisne. The symmetry of diamond and gemstone baguettes arranged artfully in geometric designs on identical clips allowed her imagination to soar. It also created the foundation for a decidedly modern take on this classic motif.

2nd time's a charm says, Boucheron. Their new double clip brooch finds modern jewelry lover's sweet spot

So Many Ways to Wear It

Clip brooches offer versatility for its wearer. They can be worn together on one side, or opposite sides of a garment. They can be worn individually, or even becoming a glamorous buckle to a belt. They've also found their way atop a hat . . . . you get the idea. 

Named White Moon, this colorless diamond clip brooch is from Boucheron's 2023 "Like a Queen" collection

Everything Old is Fancy Again

So, here we are well into the 21st century, and Boucheron shows that this style still thrills jewelry fans. 


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